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 Hosta Gardener Links

Hosta Gardener Links



American Hosta Society American Hosta Society.
Minnesota Hosta Society Minnesota Hosta Society.
Don Rawson's Hosta Lists Don Rawson's Hosta Lists.
Foxfarm Soil & Fertilizer Company Excellent products for your Hostas.
GardenWeb - FAQ FAQ about Hostas on the GardenWeb site.
The Hosta Library Great source for Hosta photos and loads of Hosta information.

Eon Industries

Paw Paw Everlast Label Company








Two plant marker companies I have used are Eon Industries and Paw Paw Everlast Label Company. Eon Industries' markers are heavier duty and more expensive; however, I prefer their markers. The two types of markers I have used from Paw Paw are Cap style (C) and Rose (E). The Cap style can be knocked of the stakes by squirrels and they do not have much room for the name. The Rose markers have square edges which can give you a nuisance cut, are flimsey and bend very easily. The markers I have used from Eon Industries are the Nursery marker (E-10). They have lots of room for the name (similar in size to the Paw Paw Rose style) and are rigid with rounded corners. For labels, I have switched from using a Dymo manual labeler to a Brother P-Touch (using outdoor tape - very important).

In 2013, I switched to Kincaid M-style markers. These are excellent. They cost more but are worth it.

Slug Bell These are the same concept as my "Cowboy Slug Cafes", only fancier.
Millette Garden Pictures Reggie Millette Garden Pictures in Canada. Hosta, garden and more photos.

Papou's website

(this site has been disabled)

Papou's (Ghislain Seguin) website. His gardens are what we strive for - just impeccable, as is his record-keeping.

Papou passed away on 7/29/09.

This website has been disabled.

Papou's Photobucket Papou's photos in Photobucket.
Koska's Hostas Blog Melissa's blog.
Renegade Gardener Interesting Gardening site.


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