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AbundantDaylilies website I used the LA Daylily auction to buy some excellent Daylilies from him. View Orders 
albelk This is Al Belk. *********** I WILL NOT BUY FROM HIM *********** He is no longer on eBay unless he has a new ID. View Orders 
American Greenhouses (HostaGardens Of Burr Ridge) website ********** I WILL NOT BUY FROM THEM AGAIN ********** My first order arrived; however, 3 Daylilies were on backorder. To make a long story short, I got a big-time runaround about those 3 Daylilies. I filed a dispute with the credit card company and received a full refund for the plants they didn't send. The price for the Fern-leaf Peony was great, except the plant they sent me was not a Fern-leaf Peony. I suspect some Daylilies were mislabeled, too. View Orders 
Aren't I Pretty website They sent nice Daylilies at a good price. View Orders 
AutobodyArboretum website Sends nice sized Hostas at a great price. My very first eBay purchase was from him. View Orders 
Avalon Acres Hostas and More website Sent nice Hostas with a bonus plant. View Orders 
Bayberry Row Was happy with the Hostas they sent. Not in business anymore. View Orders 
BentleyGardens website Smaller Hostas at a good price. Very happy with the ones I received. View Orders 
BirdsongGardenAndFarm website Nice Hostas at a good price. View Orders 
bj33541 website Sent a nice Hosta which was purchased on an eBay auction. View Orders 
blufox2020 website A bunch of the same type Hosta at a great price. A great way for a starter collector to get many Hosta. View Orders 
Breck's website I kept the order simple and everything turned out fine. Nice bulbs at a very low price. View Orders 
Bridgewood Gardens website Beautiful looking Hostas. I was lucky to get in on his sale in '04 where you buy three of each Hosta at a much reduced price, with a minimum $300 purchase. His website humor is fantastic, a must read for everyone. View Orders 
Browns Ferry Gardens website Very nice Daylilies. View Orders 
clayton3887 He has new TC Hostas at a great price on eBay. He may not be selling anymore (2/16/12). View Orders 
cpfi Only purchased 100 Suzie Wong Daylilies from him on eBay. Happy with the Daylilies. View Orders 
Dawn's Bloomers Excellent Hosta. View Orders 
daylilybaby Bought a bunch of Daylilies at a great price. Very happy with the order. View Orders 
Dendradee Purchased three plantaginea 'Ming Treasure'. Happy with the order. View Orders 
Direct Source Hostas website Nice Hostas at a good price. Especially like the grab bag sales. These sales are great for people starting collections. View Orders 
drschmidt101 He has newer Hostas on eBay. View Orders 
edi1234 She sent big Daylilies at a great price. View Orders website They send nice Hostas at a great price. View Orders 
Fern Creek Gardens Bought Hostas from the Hosta Library auction. View Orders website I only purchased four Hosta 'White Feather' from them and am happy with the order. Thay had a good price for the Hosta. View Orders 
Gilbert H. Wild & Son website Very reasonably priced Hostas and Daylilies. View Orders 
Glenbrook Farm website They send nice Hostas at a good price. They couldn't be nicer to work with. View Orders 
Hallson Gardens website They send large, well cared for Hostas. View Orders 
Hiltop Farm website They send beautiful Hostas, excellently packed. The Hostas are potted. Their prices for each Hosta includes shipping so the prices per Hosta tend to be a little higher than other sources. I like to get difficult to find Hostas with them. View Orders 
hirtsgardens Happy with the plants they sent. View Orders 
hoppinhostas Sent nice plants. View Orders 
Hosta Liners website Hosta liners at a good price. They send extras. View Orders 
Hosta Plants website Many TC liners. View Orders 
hostabargains website Always happy buying Hostas from John "The Diggin' Dutchman". View Orders 
Hostas Online (bob Axmear) website Excellent, older variety Hostas at a great price. He also sells some pretty nice streakers. This is Bob Axmear who hosts the Hosta Library. View Orders 
HostasDirect website Tom Carlson owns HostasDirect. He is in St Paul and has a beautiful garden. View Orders 
In the Country Garden & Gifts website Great person to work with. Great looking Hostas with nice roots. View Orders 
Janice & Ken A couple on the other side of the cities who listed their Hostas on Craigslist. They had great Hostas at a great price. View Orders 
JGH JGH (Jim Hartman and his wife Sheila) have a sale every year. New Hostas at a great price. View Orders 
Jim's Hostas website Nice looking Hostas. I use his extensive online catalog to check out the prices on Hostas which someone mentions on a forum that I might be interested in (kind of like using the Hosta Finder). That gives me a starting point on the Hosta & price. View Orders 
Jorgensen123456789 Only purchased 1 Fern-leaf Peony. It is doing fine. View Orders 
Karla Selseth - klas8405klas It is always a pleasure to buy Hostas from Karla. She is klas8405klas on eBay. View Orders 
keshua Happy with the plants sent. View Orders 
Kuk's Forest Nursery website Nice looking Hostas. Very happy with the order. View Orders 
lchichis1337 Very happy with the Hostas they sent. View Orders 
Marietta Gardens website They sent huge Daylilies and a beautiful bonus daylily. View Orders 
marvairplanes Bought a grab bag of Daylilies on eBay at a good price. View Orders 
Mike144mann website I have purchased mainly single-fan Daylilies on the LA Auction from him. Most of the Daylilies were hybridized by Carol Emmerich (she lives in Minnesota). View Orders 
Mljomo Sent exceptional Daylilies from the LA Daylily auction. View Orders 
mnflobk Has real nice Fern-leaf Peonies. View Orders 
mountain-creeker Purchased a nice 'Galaxy' from her. View Orders 
naturesreign website The originators of 'Blue Mouse Ears'. View Orders 
Naylor Creek Nursery website Large selection of Hostas, fantastic catalog. View Orders 
New Hampshire Hostas website Sends nice Hostas in pots at a good price. They arrived early so were just emerging when I received them. View Orders 
Northern Grown Perennials They sent huge Hostas. View Orders 
nrb44 He sends Daylilies with huge roots and more fans than advertised. Excellent prices. View Orders 
oakcreekgrower website The Hostas are nice, good sized; however, they are pricey. View Orders 
Packrat website Great prices on the Daylily Auction site. View Orders 
Patsy Stygall The Hosta Library had a benefit auction for Debbie Hurlbert, her husband Duane Hurlbert passed away. Patsy Stygall donated 'American Masterpiece'. View Orders 
perfectplant Bought a couple of 'One Man's Treasure' Hostas. They took 5 days to get here, but they looked fine. View Orders 
Plant Delights website They send big Hostas. Their shipping rates are on the high side. View Orders 
rjbjohnson Bought some mini Hostas late in the season from him. I was concerned because it was so late in the season and they were small TC plants. I did not have to worry. All they Hostas are doing great. View Orders 
Robin's Nest Nursery ********** NO LONGER IN BUSINESS ********* View Orders 
Robynsgardens Bought some nice Trumpet Lilies on eBay; very happy with their size. View Orders 
Savory's Gardens website If you are ever in the Minneapolis area, their gardens/nursery are a must-see. Super nice people. View Orders 
silver7 website Nice Hostas. View Orders 
Stark Gardens They sent a nice Mango Tango from an eBay auction. View Orders 
The Henjum's The Henjum's have sales from their home several times during the Summer. They also sell at the farmer's market. Their Hostas are pretty good sized. View Orders 
The Hosta Patch website The Hostas were OK. View Orders 
thegardenurse Sent nice Lily bulbs at a good price. View Orders 
thehostagardener ********** NEVER ORDER FROM THIS PERSON ********** I believe eBay has removed this ID. Remember Al Belk? My first eBay order was fine. I did two more eBay orders and did not receive any plants. After opening a dispute with the credit card company I did receive a full refund. I did not lose any money. View Orders 
Touch of Nature website They are the same people that have Nice people and they sell inexpensive plants. View Orders 
Walnut Grove Nursery website Good selection, including many of his own introductions. Sends large Hostas. Excellent source. Great communication by email. View Orders 
White Oak Nursery website Nice Hostas at a good price. View Orders 
Willow Creek Gardens website Also doing business as Easy to Grow Bulbs. View Orders