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Hosta of the Year Photos                               The American Hosta Growers Association selects a Hosta of the                                                                                        Year. These are photos of Hostas in my garden of the Hosta of the Year for

                                                                                   the years 1996 - 2015.

Favorite Photos 2009                                       Favorite Hosta photos in 2009.

20 Favorite Hostas (2008)                             My 20 favorite Hostas of 2008.

Nice Hostas in '08                                              These could have easily been included among the favorites.

Emerging Hostas 2008                                     Hostas emerged later in 2008 than in 2007.

Favorite Hostas (2007 Photos)                     Favorite Hostas (2007 photos).

Daylilies in '08                                                      Daylilies from the garden in '08.

The Gardens                                                         The Gardens in September, 2008.

Daylily Magnets                                                  Photo of Daylilies which were put on credit card sized magnets.

Papou's website                                                   Papou's (Ghislain Seguin) website. His gardens are what we strive for -

(This site has been disabled)                                      just impeccable, as is his record-keeping.

                                                                                    Papou passed away on 7/29/09.

Papou's Photobucket Photos                        Papou's photos in photobucket.

tsbccowboy's Imageevent photos                My photos (John Gamradt). Forum name is tsbccowboy.




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