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Cowboy's Slug Cafes

Cowboy's Slug Cafes - Sliding Room Only!

Sluggo is put into bottlecaps, usually from milk cartons, and are covered by small clay saucers to keep the Sluggo as dry as possible.

Chipmunks like to get into the cafes, so I live trap the chipmunks and relocate them to a beautiful park. In 2009, critters (I didn't see any Chipmunks) decided to keep raiding the cafes. I put baskets, purchased at the Dollar store, over them and held the baskets down with plant stakes. None of the cafes were raided after that.

The cafes keep the Sluggo dry longer than if the Sluggo was just on the ground. The best part is not very much Sluggo is used each year!

In addition to the slug cafes, I also use ammonia spray (about 9 parts water/1 part ammonia) to spray the slugs. I go out during the night using a headlight and the spray.

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A slug enjoying dinner

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Cowboy's Slug Cafe with a basket over it

(lower right side)


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