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autobodyarboretum eBay order 4/29/05


bentleygardens eBay order 9/9/04


birdsonggardenandfarm eBay order 9/22/07

blufox2020 eBay order 5/12/05


clayton3887 eBay order 5/13/08


drschmidt101 eBay order 5/25/05

hoppinhostas eBay order 8/25/04

hostabargains eBay order 5/10/08


hirtsgardens eBay order 3/10/06

lchichis1337 eBay order 7/9/07


mountain-creeker eBay order 9/1/04

naturesreign eBay order 5/7/09


oakcreekgrower eBay order 5/30/08


perfectplant eBay order 6/20/07

rjbjohnson eBay order 9/20/06



starkgardens eBay order 8/9/07


Large, older variety Hostas at a great price. His was the first eBay auction I participated in. A great source to start a Hosta collection.

Smaller Hostas at a good price. Very happy with the ones I received.

Nice Hostas at a good price.

A bunch of the same type Hosta at a great price. A great way for a starter collector to get many Hosta.

Sends smaller, newer Hosta varieties at a great price. He has a website::

Clayton is a favorite source for Hostas.

Has newer variety Hostas that are smaller. OK prices.

Hostas had nice sized roots.

Sends smaller, newer Hosta varieties at a great price. hostabargains, also known as DigginDutchman, is a favorite source for Hostas.

Nice plants at a good price.

A real nice 4th of July order was purchased from lchichis1337. All the Hostas had a 4th of July theme. Very happy with everything that was sent.

Received a real nice 'Galaxy'. Very happy with it.

Received a beautiful 'Royal Mouse Ears' from Jane & Emile Deckert at Nature's Reign.

The Hostas are nice, good sized; however, they are pricey. They have a website: 

Nice plants at a great price.

Purchased advertised, small TC Hostas on 9/20/06 - extremely late in the season......but they were a great price. I shouldn't have bought them so late, but couldn't resist the great price. Well, it is 2008 and they are all still here!

Only purchased one Hosta, 'Mango Tango', and was happy with that one.




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