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Vendor: Mike144mann
Order # 150
Date of Order: 2012-05-17

LA Auction Mike144mann (Third order 01/21/12, arrived 05/17/12): Daylily 'Dream Window' Daylily 'Entwined in the Vine' Daylily 'Go in Peace' Daylily 'King of Camelot' (Bonus) Daylily 'My Yoke Is Easy' Daylily 'Open Door' Daylily 'Remembering Joan' (Bonus) Daylily 'Spirit of Truth' Daylily 'Websters Pink Wonder' Daylily 'Woman at the Well'.
Orders for :

Dream WindowDaylily More Photos of Dream Window
Entwined in the VineDaylily More Photos of Entwined in the Vine
Go in PeaceDaylily More Photos of Go in Peace
King of CamelotDaylily More Photos of King of Camelot
My Yoke is EasyDaylily More Photos of My Yoke is Easy
Open DoorDaylily More Photos of Open Door
Remembering JoanDaylily More Photos of Remembering Joan
Spirit of TruthDaylily More Photos of Spirit of Truth
Websters Pink WonderDaylily More Photos of Websters Pink Wonder
Woman at the WellDaylily More Photos of Woman at the Well