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Vendor: marvairplanes
Order # 64
Date of Order: 2007-09-26

eBay marvairplanes (Ordered 9/21/07, first order, arrived 9/26/07): Ten named/labeled Daylilies (Seller's choice): Daylily 'By Myself' Daylily 'Double Firecracker' Daylily 'Florrisant Pink' Daylily 'Jeffrey Johnson' Daylily 'Jersey Spider' Daylily 'New Series' Daylily 'Siloam Ethel Smith' Daylily 'Silver Ice' Daylily 'Stella D'Oro' Daylily 'Ultimate Pink'.
Orders for :

By MyselfDaylily More Photos of By Myself
Double FirecrackerDaylily More Photos of Double Firecracker
Florrisant PinkDaylily More Photos of Florrisant Pink
Jeffrey JohnsonDaylily More Photos of Jeffrey Johnson
Jersey SpiderDaylily More Photos of Jersey Spider
New SeriesDaylily More Photos of New Series
Siloam Ethel SmithDaylily More Photos of Siloam Ethel Smith
Silver IceDaylily More Photos of Silver Ice
Stella D'OroDaylily More Photos of Stella D'Oro
Ultimate PinkDaylily More Photos of Ultimate Pink