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Vendor: American Greenhouses (HostaGardens Of Burr Ridge)
Order # 87
Date of Order: 2007-04-28

********** I WILL NOT BUY FROM THEM AGAIN ********** American Greenhouses (Hostagardens of Burr Ridge) (ordered 2/15/07, first & last order, * - arrived 4/28/06, ** - B/O until mid-May): Frances Williams * Heat Wave * Magic Fire * One Man's Treasure * Katsuragawa Beni * Yellow River * Fern-Leaf Peony 'Rubra Plena' (2) * Daylily 'Big City Eye' ** Daylily 'Catherine Woodbury' * Daylily 'Eleonore' * Daylily 'Dan Mahony' ** Daylily 'MacBeth' ** Daylily 'Light Years Away' * Daylily 'Sabine Baur' *.
Orders for :

Catherine WoodburyDaylily More Photos of Catherine Woodbury
EleonoreDaylily More Photos of Eleonore
Fern-Leaf PeonyMiscellaneous More Photos of Fern-Leaf Peony
Frances WilliamsHosta More Photos of Frances Williams
Heat WaveHosta More Photos of Heat Wave
Katsuragawa BeniHosta More Photos of Katsuragawa Beni
Light Years AwayDaylily More Photos of Light Years Away
Magic FireHosta More Photos of Magic Fire
One Man's TreasureHosta More Photos of One Man's Treasure
Sabine BaurDaylily More Photos of Sabine Baur
Yellow RiverHosta More Photos of Yellow River